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The Semco Style Institute offers business coaching for organizations that want to make the transition towards self-management; or, are already working on their transition.

It takes some bravery to even consider setting up a business that follows the principles of self-management because it requires a completely different view of the people and processes in your organization. But, it can bring with it a lot of beautiful changes. Think, improved cooperation, innovation, entrepreneurship and much more. 

You will be amazed when you begin discovering what your employees are capable of and what they can achieve if you provide the right working environment. Instead of depending on a few smart people, you can tap into the collective intelligence of all your employees and take your organization to the next level.   

But, you cannot arrive at self-management without encountering and overcoming some obstacles. There will be resistance from the management, confusion among employees because they're not sure where to start and a general fear of losing control over routine processes and results. 

Enter, the Semco Style Institute 

The Institute draws heavily from the democratic ways in which Ricardo Semler managed his company, Semco. Its coaching style is built upon more than forty years of experience in self-management, making it truly unique in the space of business coaching.

Self-management requires an intrinsic role transition from managers and other stakeholders, and the idea behind business coaching is to help them make that transition successfully. For, the role of a manager is crucial in a self-managed organization: they need to ensure that the teams take complete responsibility for themselves and continue to work in a result-oriented manner. 

But, how?

In our Business Coaching process, we explore 

  • your role as a manager in a self-managed organization 
  • how you can make teams take responsibility for themselves
  • how you can help them have fun during the transition, and,
  • how you can get the desired results out of them. 

 And, that's how we help managers and entrepreneurs find more time to work on the business, instead of just in the business. 

In addition to business coaching, we also offer the right tools and workshops your organization needs to transition into a self-managed environment that puts people first. 

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