Expert Program

Organizational advice, coaching, organization (re-)design and change

The Semco Style Master Program is an intensive training of nine days in total. During the training you work on a change at your customer’s or your own organization. You will be assisted by a top facilitator, inspiring guest speakers, a small group of experienced fellow students, and last but not least, by Semco Style: a source of inspiration, philosophy and practical toolkit for anyone who wants to work with self-management. Semco Style was developed by a Dutch team of experienced training experts and consultants together with Ricardo Semler.

Semco Style Modular Training Program

Semco is renowned throughout the world for its innovative business approach. The Brazilian company succeeded in achieving spectacular results through common sense, faith, responsibility, and did so with the support of happy, healthy employees. In the 90s, Semco successfully introduced its unique approach to a range of large and small organizations. Today, several books and documentaries that explain the philosophy behind Semco, and the ideas of its founder Ricardo Semler, have inspired leaders around the world. But, for the first time, all the knowledge and experience of Semco is now available in a modular, multi-level training and certification program, offered by Semco Style Institute.

Our modular training program consists of 3 levels, that you can register separately for, or sign up for all at once. On this page you can read more about the third level, the Master Program. It si recommended to first following the Fundamentals Program and the Changemaker Program.

Level 3. Expert Program

For people-centric and purpose driven consultants, (interim-)managers, coaches and directors who want to join us in our global mission to make work awesome.

Do you dream, just like us, to help as many organizations as possible to have more fun, better results and happier colleagues?  Are you eager to join Semco Style on its mission to flip organizational pyramids upside down? Then, you may have the perfect profile to become a Semco Style Expert. In this program, you will learn how to master all the Semco Style principles. You will also learn how to facilitate, guide, coach and train leaders and teams, helping them change into more democratic and agile organizations.

Keywords  of this program are ‘organizational re-design’, ’strategy’ and ‘master of change’.

What you will learn

Upon completion of the Master program you will be able to:

  • use Semco Style tools for organizational transformation, such as surveys and their analysis.
  • enhance your professional consulting and coaching style.
  • facilitate individuals, teams and stakeholders to work with the five pivotal Semco Style principles.
  • gain profound knowledge of Semco Style in its theoretical context of systems and ecology.
  • provide clients with an in-depth analysis and overview of their path towards Semco Style.
  • create the right conditions for change on all organizational levels.
  • get certified as a Semco Style Consultant (upon meeting additional requirements).

 Semco Style 5 pivotal principles

Practical information

Duration: 6 days in total, the second and third day and the forth and fifth day take place on consecutive days with an evening program on the first day Investment & Location: May varies, depending in which country you will follow the program
Language: Depending of the chosen country to follow the program. The study and learning material we use is mostly in English. Please note that at this time, we do not have any English language courses scheduled.

This training is also available as an in-company program.

For this program you receive 20 general PE points.

Pricing & registration for modular program

  • It is always possible to decide after each module whether you want to proceed to the next level in the Semco Style program.
  • Participants who decide to pursue all three modules will have the opportunity to get certified as a Semco Style Consultant.

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