Fundamentals Program

Have you ever wondered whether your market (share) might be captured by the next Uber, Netflix or Coolblue? Developments seem to coming one after the other across a range of markets. This begs the question; is your company and/or department equipped to cope with the speed of these changes? How do you tackle sustainability and health issues? Isn’t it about time for a fresh approach to working methods and assessing performances? Well, the Semco Style Fundamentals Program has the answers to all of these questions.

Semco Style Modular Training Program

Semco is renowned throughout the world for its innovative business approach. The Brazilian company succeeded in achieving spectacular results through common sense, faith, responsibility, and did so with the support of happy, healthy employees. In the 90s, Semco successfully introduced its unique approach to a range of large and small organizations. Today, several books and documentaries that explain the philosophy behind Semco, and the ideas of its founder Ricardo Semler, have inspired leaders around the world. But, for the first time, all the knowledge and experience of Semco is now available in a modular, multi-level training and certification program, offered by Semco Style Institute.

Our modular training program consists of 3 levels, that you can register separately for, or sign up for all at once. On this page you can read more about the first level, the Fundamentals Program. Do you want more? View the pages on the following two levels, those of the Changemaker Program and the Expert Program. 

Level 1. Fundamentals

The first step towards high-performance, self-sufficient teams and organizations

Meant for curious and critical enthusiasts who really want to know what Semco Style is, how it works and why this organisational and leadership style is so effective.

Are you tired of classic hierarchies? Are you interested in busting bureaucracy and empowering people? Do you have an appetite for the secrets behind high-performance teams? Then, this course may be the perfect place to begin.

The Fundamentals Program enables you to:

  • recognise the most significant developments that will force your market and organisation to change.
  • work with a framework to facilitate a better climate of innovation within your organisation and/or department.
  • understand the steps required to achieve more autonomy and self-management in your organisation and/or department.
  • make the first steps towards more high performance and self-sufficient teams within your organisation.
  • understand what is needed to make your business more agile.
  • put customer performance first.


The Fundamentals Program enables you to:

  • understand what’s needed to make your business and/or department more agile.
  • recognise the most significant developments that will force your market and organisation to change.
  • realise why a self-managing team achieves greater performance while involvement, efficiency and job satisfaction will grow, customer satisfaction will increase and absenteeism will fall.
  • know how better to connect with your clients.
  • develop a framework to facilitate a better innovatory climate within your organisation and/or department.
  • understand the steps needed to achieve more autonomy and self-management in your organisation and/or department.
  • realise that better financial results and a better work-life balance go hand-in-hand for you and your colleagues

Practical information

Investment & Location: May varies, depending in which country you will follow the program
Language: Depending of the chosen country to follow the program. The study and learning material we use is mostly in English. Please note that at this time, we do not have any English language courses scheduled.

This training is also available as an in-company program.

For this program you receive 7 general PE points.

Pricing & registration for modular program

  • It is always possible to decide after each module whether you want to proceed to the next level in the Semco Style program.
  • Participants who decide to pursue all three modules will have the opportunity to get certified as a Semco Style Consultant.

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