Semco Style Institute offers training programs for consultants, interim managers, corporate change-makers and entrepreneurs who want to implement a ‘Semco Style’ organization. Working in concert with our network of certified Semco Style consultants, we also offer consulting services to help organizations make the transformation to democratic management or self-management.

Below is an overview of the training programs currently on offer.

Fundamentals Program

Have you ever wondered whether your market (share) might be captured by the next Uber, Netflix or Coolblue? Developments seem to coming one after the other across a range of markets. This begs the question; is your company and/or department equipped to cope with the speed of these changes? How do you tackle sustainability and health issues? Isn’t it about time for a fresh approach to working methods and assessing performances? Well, the Semco Style Fundamentals Program has the answers to all of these questions.

Changemaker Program

Are you looking for your next step to boost employee engagement, cross-boundary collaboration and customer happiness? Are you interested, or already working, with new ways of organizing such as Scrum and Agile or self-organization? Is the responsibility of your role as a leader or entrepreneur affecting the quality of your life? Is your dream to be the leader of a fully engaged entrepreneurial team, that will boost your business, but are you more and more living in the nightmare of a limiting span of control? Do you spend your time working IN the business instead of creating your future by working ON your business? Then you should consider joining the Semco Style Changemaker Program.

Expert Program

The Semco Style Master Program is an intensive training of nine days in total. During the training you work on a change at your customer’s or your own organization. You will be assisted by a top facilitator, inspiring guest speakers, a small group of experienced fellow students, and last but not least, by Semco Style: a source of inspiration, philosophy and practical toolkit for anyone who wants to work with self-management. Semco Style was developed by a Dutch team of experienced training experts and consultants together with Ricardo Semler.


A monthly series of free webinars that aims to offer inspiration, tips and the latest innovations to help you make work more awesome.